Client Agency


We are uniquely qualified to drive value in highly innovative construction schemes

  • We offer representation to discerning clients who already have a visionary project and would like to mitigate the financial and scheduling risk typically associated with realising an innovative and often untested idea. 
  • We partner our commercial construction management acumen with an in-depth knowledge of high end design and construction delivery to align all the key project actors (contractor, architect, consultants, trades) with the client's priorities.
  • We make the process of building a bespoke home painless and stress free for our clients.
  • Our senior partnership is set up to manage private residential projects (US $5M and above) throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

Pre Construction Services

  • Functionality and Usability Audits
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Rationalisation and Optimisation
  • Phasing Strategies and Scenario Analysis
  • Procurement Sourcing Strategy
  • Competitive Bidding, Detailed Tender Analysis, Contractor Interviews
  • Bespoke Contracts
  • Complex Planning Applications

Construction Services

  • Construction Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Full Project Monitoring and Risk Mitigation
  • Quality and Performance Audits
  • Review and approval of Architectural Instructions
  • Sign off and Payment Certification